Blog plans

It’s slowly getting closer to a year since I started posting here. So far, I have no clear pattern in what and when I post. I doubt I will ever get to a stage where I have a strong pattern, but I don’t strive for that. What I was thinking about is giving it some kind of loose pattern that would work as a general idea, not a rule.

So, what could it look like?

I’ll continue writing blogs from my hikes. That itself depends on the weather as the first factor, my time and have some ideas where to go as second. Most of the year it’s at least twice a month, though if the summer has stable weather, it can go to 5+ times per month in July and August easily.

I tried making posts looking back the past 3-4 years for each given month, but from June to September, I’d need to do it weekly to give everything enough space. Instead, my newest idea is that I would make a “series” of posts that would be dedicated to a specific place, at this point mostly the most memorable mountains I visited – as long as the peak elevation is 700+m ASL. Said condition is met by whopping 305 places, of which roughly a quarter is mention-worthy. The plan would be to do 1-2 per month (less in summer if I had current hikes to mention, possibly more in winter in opposite situation). Map below, though in case of interest it might be better opened in new tab/window as it was misbehaving a bit (pins not loading color properly) when I tried embedding it here.

Just as with hike blogs, I’ll, of course, continue with book reviews when I finish reading a book, with the plan to read 2-3 books per month.

And last for the regular things, I’ll also try to go on with my monthly writing updates, possibly making them twice a month later in the year if everything goes well. With which comes one more thing: if everything goes really well, I might start making posts that would show some characters when I am getting closer to done, possibly in autumn 2018.

I’ll occasionally post some other thoughts related (but not limited) to my three main topics: hiking, reading, and writing.

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