Reading: Narrator and spoilers

In this post, I’ll look into one specific type of narrative I encountered: one where the story is told by a narrator retrospectively and interrupted here and there with the narrator’s perspective. While my sample on this kind of narrative is small, it was enough to discover potential issues in that approach – something I’ll talk about now.

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Storytelling: Positive traits of antagonists

A few days ago, I was thinking a bit about the positive traits of ‘bad guys’. These thoughts came to me – how else – when I was lying in bed waiting for sleep to come. Even antagonists can have positive traits – and it’s not about the traits but how they use them that matters in the end.

As with my romance-related posts (#1, #2), the thoughts come primarily from fantasy genre but are not limited to it.

Significant inspiration comes from a post about character traits by M.L. Davis.

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Writing: doubts

I guess that many writers face doubts. In my case, they come in many shapes and forms, they are sometimes really scary and there’s always at least a bit of it around. From small ones like not being sure if a paragraph says what I want it to say, the way I want to say it; to large ones that make me doubt the writing process in its entirety.

I’ve decided to share some of my doubts. Maybe someone will read it and it’ll help to know that you’re not alone. It helped me in past.

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Writing: thoughts about cuts

Even though I expected to do mostly smaller revisions and some consolidation (UK/US spelling, location naming consistency, capitalization consistency), I eventually did one larger change when preparing the current draft. I took out a big part of the early story – some parts were removed completely, some parts were compressed. The reason was that it felt like it takes far too long to set up and get to the point.

Fact is, I was thinking of doing this in one way or another for a while. And it led me to think about the topic of cutting stuff from a draft: where, how and why I did that over time.

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