Fantasy thoughts: teleports, jet lag, and time zones

Teleportation is a convenient way of travel and allows, in the hands of a skilled mage, long-distance travel in settings where the otherwise fastest way to travel is on the back of a horse (or other beast).

They are also a tool that bears some hidden dangers when it comes to power and its consequences – but also way more mundane things tied to basic geography.

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Fantasy thoughts: fertility and culture/setting

Not so long ago, I’ve shared posts about longevity in fantasy and how half-breeds unbalance the natural cause of things. Today, I’ll look into fertility and the way it can be used to tell more about the setting/culture.

What I mean by that is the average amount of children a pair has, how the setting influeces that, and how it can tie in with the culture.

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Writing tool review:

Since I’ve had good results with finding beta readers on, I’ve decided to write a review of this webtool – maybe someone will find it as useful as I did.

Note: this article/guide was written in 2019. The appearance of some elements probably changed since. As I established a small circle of beta readers afterward, I haven’t been checking the site as much since 2020. Feel free to report any outdated information in the comment section if you do use the site.

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