Book review: Relics of the Rune imperium

After quite a while, I’ve returned to J.C. Kang’s fictional world with the newest release of his second series. And, despite the long break, it didn’t take me that long to reacquaint myself with the characters.

What took me longer – and I eventually failed – is realizing where the book falls in relation to the timeline of the first series (which I consider the main series).

This book follows the second book, Crown of the Sundered Empire released in 2019 and read by me in early 2021 (review). The cast is pretty much the same and continues pretty much straight away. And it’s the diverse cast that makes this series shine: the half-elf spy/ninja Jie pretty much carries this series with her practical wit, but the other characters of diverse nationalities and powers make it really interesting as each has their own agenda and they’re more allies of convenience than a group that would stick together for a long time.

Jie is tracking a traitor, the paladin Sameer is tracking another as well as a dear friend held by said traitor (and find his purpose on the way since the death of his master), the young boy Tomas is trying to protect him home from the Bovyans, the mage Brehanne is looking for ways to understand and further her magic, the diviner Cassius is trying to fill his pockets. When it comes to the sailor Aelward and the swordswoman Alaena, their goals are something that I wasn’t really reminded that well given the break – as most of the plot happens on land, Aelward is mostly stumbling around with Alaena’s help.

The goals of the abovementioned characters are, in many cases, contradictory, but as the invading Bovyans are in their way, they now that working together gives them better chances. Not to mention that the characters they’re trying to find are conveniently in one group – among the enemy.

Another major character enters the mix: Cyrus, an addicted mercenary and the son of a holy man who had lost his faith. he, and some other prominent locals who won’t continue the journey but make the world feel like one.

However, aside from the invading Bovyans (as one of the major antagonists of this world), there are hints of something else connected to both the past and the present. Especially the characters with some magical talent end up being drawn to a discovery they wouldn’t expect and that’ll have them consider what they know about the past of the world as well as their origins and ancestors. An old, forgotten enemy appears and it takes their combined skills and wit to prevail, so they can continue on their journey.

Hopefully sooner than in another 4 years…

Read date: 6.-19.2.2023
Published: 20.1.2023
Goodreads/Amazon links (the book is too new to make ratings relevant)
My rating: 90%
Length: 694 pages (Kindle edition)
My highlights

I will admit that I came across this new addition to the series by chance when browsing for books to read, and I’m glad for it. Let’s hope the year will have more such pleasant surprises.

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