2/2023 Summary

February is over, and that means looking back, with quite a delay – I was a bit too busy to do a mid-week post, unfortunately.


I’ve managed to keep up with my reading for the first half of the month, but slowed down afterward. Thus, I’ve finished one book (reviewed last week) and started one non-fiction read about book marketing, but I have to wrap that one up. Here’s hoping I get back on track in March.


After finishing my summary of books one and two, I’ve pushed myself to give some attention to book three. I’ve read through some of the passages I know will need more attention, and started editing the early parts. This ended up with me cutting the first four chapters completely after a while of staring at the screen and wondering how to improve them.


I managed to stay with my goal of skipping a hike at most one weekend in the month, but this came at the cost of making them half-day hikes due to some unpredictability of the weather. There will be more to share in a separate post, for now, I’ll say that I managed three hikes with the total length being only ~45km.

And I can share a teaser picture.

I also submitted some suggestions for next year’s schedule for the hiking club. That’s always a difficult task – we don’t want to over-repeat the same places, but there’s only so far you can go on one-day trip, and it requires quite a lot of thinking and looking back: if we’re to return to somewhere we were in the last 5-10 years, we should at least come from a different direction. This often contradicts another key point: making sure there’s a place where we can park the club bus and somewhere our people can sit down with food and drink before we depart.

In summary, February felt a bit hectic for me. There was a lot of improvisation due to weather and my hikes, the tasks for the hiking club taking my time, and trying to figure out the next steps in my writing – for which I’m leaning to giving book three more attention now before I return to book two.

I hope your February was good to (and for) you, and that March will be a nice month.

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    • We have around 110 registered members. But very few (maybe just me) go for every hike – some go only during off-season when the hikes are easier and/or closer to home, some go only during the main seasons for the “real stuff”, some maybe base it around the needs of their family (especially people who are grandparents). The typical coach has 48-53 seats and we usually have around that many signups.

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