9/2022 Summary

Another month has passed by, and this time things actually happened, so here’s my monthly summary again, after not making one for August.


For most of the month, I haven’t been reading in the typical sense. Instead, my focus was on my beta swap with B. D. Connor and his sequel to The White Owl. The swap took me three weeks, which I consider a decent time for a 90k book. After that, I began reading the fifth book in R. K. Lander’s The Silvan series, where I’m at ca. 25%.


The beta swap with Ben is progressing nicely – he’s roughly half-way through. So far, I’ve been mostly making notes but have yet to start editing, though I believe I’ll start fixing the minor issues soon.


Even though September weather seems to resemble April more, I managed two one-day hikes and one five-day trip at the end of the month, with the final distance walked at 138km. However, the cold and damp weather and rain showers at the end of the trip made their mark, and I’m now battling simple but very annoying cold, so I admit I’m not in the best state of mind to sort through photos. They will come the next month, but I can’t promise the next weekend.

So, that’s quite a short summary of the past month. I hope the beginning of autumn had seen you with better weather than we had here – and, hopefully, hadn’t caught your body off-guard.

Until next time (walks away to make more herb tea).

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