12/2021 Writing update

The last month of 2021 is over – and so comes the last monthly update of 2021. I won’t make it a yearly update – I made that back in October when I had my one-year self-publishing anniversary.

Back in October, I shared that I faced some issues with the plot of book two. I mentioned a bit more in November and shared the details – and my fixing process – in early December. I have reached some idea of what – and how – to fix in the current draft and, in the last days of November, started that process.

December saw me in… mixed progress. Early in the month, I had a couple of chances to write. Maybe more than a couple, and I used them all. But this rush – fuelled by my desire to see the story fixed – took more from me emotionally than I expected. So, after a rush that lasted almost two weeks (with breaks, as there were pre-Xmas preparations to make), I fell into a slump.

This repeated three times in shorter bouts (one day with a lot of written followed by 2-3 days of creative exhaustion)… pretty much until now. I had a day off on 27th, and planned to write a lot. But I couldn’t get more than a chapter done. Sure, it was almost a complete rewrite – some 1000 words edited and 2000 rewritten from scratch. But I hoped for more from that day.

That said, my progress on this fixing is ahead of where I expected it to be, so I should probably look at it from that, better side. Given that all this fixing is about shuffling plot points around, it’s hard to say where, exactly, I may be in the process. But I have adjusted maybe 20-25 chapters and I believe 30-35 are affected in a major amount. So maybe two-thirds done. I’d’ve expected that for late January 2022 at best.

That said, I delayed my currently expected release date for book two from late 2022 to early 2023. That’s still a very rough guess, though. In a year, I may know better…

That’s the end of this relatively short update. I hope you had a lot of good time with your hobbies, creative or not. In these uncertain times, they may be the thing to hold us afloat and give us a chance to unwind.

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