Forging characters: parent-child relationships pt.2

Continuing where I left off two weeks ago, today, I’ll look into the parent-child relationships in my writing project. As before, headers will be for the child’s name.

Shianna Featherfoot

Delving into Shianna’s relationship with her parents is a bit strange, considering they have no appearance in the trilogy and, until recently, I haven’t even considered it. But times change… it’s unlikely they’ll be added to any of the books, as they wouldn’t have a significant role to play, but a future bonus scene is possible. Still, the way Shianna is depicted can give some hints into how she was raised and it led me to think more about her family.

Shianna is the first (and so far only) child of her parents. Her cheerful and carefree nature hints at a happy childhood. The fact her parents let her pursue military training and career would further hint positive relationship with her parents. The fact she’s given a lot of freedom is proof of responsibility and mutual trust with her parents, created by positive reinforcement rather than punishment.

If I find a good opportunity, delving deeper into her family background is something I’d like to do.

Shianna’s character profile/forging story.

Ellisia Darkwood

Ellisia is, by far, the youngest child of her parents. In fact, she was an unplanned child – believing her mother’s child-bearing years have passed, her parents weren’t careful one time. Thus, Ellisia became their third child, at the age where conception is very unlikely. Fortunately for her, her parents took it as a blessing, not a curse. More so when Ellisia seemed to follow their own footsteps with her interest in a military career (her mother is a guard and her father is an instructor).

Ellisia became closer with her parents than with her siblings, and grew into a compassionate woman due to the care she was given. She developed a good idea where she’d want her life to lead quite early – which eventually led her to a fast-paced love with Kraasian Darkwood. After moving to Darkpine to live with Kraasian, she still visited her parents quite often, despite the distance.

Ellisia’s character profile/forging story.

Kraasian Darkwood

Growing up on the heroics of his ancestor, Kraasian was inspired to become a great warrior, just as his ancestors were. In childhood, he eagerly awaited his father’s return – and stories written in the blood of fallen demons. As soon as he could, he fought by his father’s side, and became one of the strongest warriors, using his sheer size. Due to his approach, when asked about his father, Kraasian remembers the time spent side-by-side on the battlefield more than his childhood.

The way Kraasian is depicted may make him seem like an emotionless brute, but that isn’t true. Ever since his childhood, Kraasian’s emotions were powerful but fleeting. His temperament, troublesome it could be for other parents, was held in check by his own adoration of his father. Kraasian soon started believing that only by dedication and self-control – or harnessing his anger against his enemies – could he become the warrior he wants to be, to follow in his father’s footsteps. Thus, his relationship with his father was more akin to mentorship than anything else.

The relationship between Kraasian and his mother is something I haven’t managed to explore yet, as the focus of Kraasian’s story is on the Darkwood bloodline.

Kraasian’s character profile/forging story.

Tyr’eshal Darkwood

Son to Ellisia and Kraasian, Tyr’eshal is a true mix of both his parents.

Just like his father, Tyr’eshal grew up listening to the stories of his ancestors. However, his mother made sure to instill some more gentlemanly values in him. Thus, Tyr’eshal grew up with a mix of influences that eventually turned him into a warrior with a significant softer side.

Tyr’eshal’s relationship with his father is based on mutual respect, even though they differ in my aspect, including their combat style and priorities. Given the hot-headed nature of his father, Tyr’eshal rarely discusses more personal issues with him, though his father is supportive even in those aspects. In his own way, as would Kraasian’s approach to “the talk” show (chapter 9 of book one).

Tyr’eshal’s relationship with his mother is a counterbalance to his father’s warrior-like approach. His mother has been supportive and compassionate, always reminding Tyr’eshal that inspiration is good but blind following isn’t, and that he should search his own path by listening to his heart and following his own priorities. Thus, her influence led Tyr’eshal to grow up as an affectionate man. As time would show, Tyr’eshal’s mother would readily comfort him in times of need.

Both aspects will have a major part in his future.

Tyr’eshal’s character profile/forging story.

That’s another look behind the scenes of my story. I hope to see you soon.

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