8/2021 Writing update

The last month had seen some writing-related activity, though some of it was a bit different than I’d expect. Let’s see what I’ve been up to during August…

To start with the slightly surprising: I’ve done a bit of work on book one which, if you follow me for a while, you know was self-published 10 months ago. This isn’t something that’d be reflected in the actual file – probably won’t be anytime soon. To be specific, I’ve written one extra scene that I’ll probably put up here on my website later as a bonus content. The scene came to my mind as I thought about the topic of parent-child relationships both in general and specific to my story.

The second thing regarding book one is that I’m considering a small tune-up of the formatting for both print and e-book version that would happen later, probably along with the release of book two. To be a bit more specific, it’s something about chapter headers, so the work would carry over to both the already-published book one and the future books two and three.

Next, I had some a bit more specific ideas for the cover of book two. Not something I’d be willing to share yet – I’ll probably share them with my beta readers at the end of their read-through and see what they think about it, so I may get a nudge if I’m going in the right direction. Before I get there, I guess I may get a bit more specific ideas than I have now and thus more to present to them.

Which gets me to book two: I’ve had a second beta reader start her read-through, and received the first batch. On that front, it’ll need some work when it comes to properly tying in books one and two that avoids info dumps and excessive re-introductions but doesn’t go too far in the opposite direction, assuming the reader either remembers everything, or did a re-read of #1 before reading #2 – that’s how it looks so far due to my own bias, as I tend to re-read books a lot before sequels. Lesson learned, I guess.

Of that, I’ve managed to edit the prologue, and have some ideas for the first chapter, which I hope will get to editing soon. September should see some actual progress after the summer break.

So, that’s my progress update. I hope you’re doing well, and to see you again soon.

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