7/2021 Writing update

Another month has gone by, so it’s time for a short summary of my progress.

To be honest, there isn’t much to summarize. As I said a month ago, the next beta stage won’t start until the end of August, so most of my work on #2 was wrapping up what I had so far. I edited the last two scenes that needed some dialogue polish and a couple of other small issues, and that was it for the work on book two. Thus, the latest draft is formally complete.

I’ve also made a tiny bit of work on #3 – likewise, minor edits across a couple of chapters. I’m going on with this at a light pace, mostly looking for (dis)continuity issues across the whole series as well as rooting out the plethora of typos made during the first draft.

And, finally, I’m writing down any random ideas I may have for the world as a whole. One of them is tied to developing some family backstory for Shianna, one of the major supporting characters – for now, there is no mention at all about her family background, as they haven’t come into play, but that may change in the future.

So, yep, that’s it. Not much done, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I expect things to pick up the pace in September.

For now, that’s all from me – see you next time, and I hope the month was treating you well.

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