9/2020 Writing update

With September at its end, it’s time to reflect on what I’ve done writing-wise over the last month.

Book 1 pre-launch

The main actual work was reading through the almost-final draft of book 1 for some final typo hunting pass, which I’ve done and fixed. I’ve also talked with the people that were with me from the very beginning about how they’d like to be credited for their contribution in the end matter.

Thus, I’m also ready to wrap-up the front and end matter when I convert the draft into the final e-book file, after which I presume a quick final read-through.

Book 2 prep

With book 1 in the final stages of preparations, I also went to read through the current draft of book two just after reading #1 to check for continuity issues, and this read-through is ~60% done. I found some minor factual issues that I’ll be fixing as soon as book one is released to prepare book two for the first round of beta reading.

Combining the above, I’m getting in touch with my betas to see if/when they’d be willing to beta-read the second book and also to give them the complimentary copy of book 1.

Other stuff

There are some minor things left to do – setting up my Goodreads profile has been bonked to the next month.

I’ve also decided to postpone the newsletter dilemma for various reasons – I might move my site to self-hosted once my yearly WordPress plan payment expires in early summer and I’d deal with that together.

Likewise, I haven’t managed to finish the map yet – the main struggle comes with a decent font size.

October plans

As for October, my plan is to wrap up what’s left for the launch – final adjustments, upload, setting up Kindle X-ray and Goodreads profile, as well as some final edits to the static part of my website to reflect the fact my work (first part of it, at least) will go live.

So that’s it…


With not-so-small amount of anxiety, here comes the…

Book one cover reveal

Sorry for the long loading time – it’s a 15MB monstrosity I haven’t compressed yet.

I plan to share my experience with the design process and what I learned (and what mistakes you may avoid making) soon.

So, that’s September. Feel free to comment or ask questions, I’ll answer if I can.

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