1/2020 writing update

The first month of 2020 has gone by and thus it’s time for my monthly writing update.

At the beginning of the year, as I was waiting for some of my betas to send their feedback (and for those who did continuously, to gather more of it), I decided to have a look at the second draft of #2 and maybe work on that.

This lasted for maybe a week – I checked the first 10 chapters and made some smaller changes, as well as noted down some ideas for later changes.

Then, I decided to focus on my beta swaps instead – which meant less writing and more reading. Eventually, I finished one of the swap books and got through the first part (rouchly 35% large) of another where I’m now waiting for the partner to finish reading the first third of my story to start the next stage.

Thus, I’ve eventually returned back to writing – based on what feedback I received, I went on with my usual process: fixing small stuff (typos, punctuation) on the spot while taking another look at the feedback before I approached the stage two things – rewrites in size of sentence or a paragraph.

But I was not stopped by that and made some larger changes as well. The beginning of chapter 18 and the end of chapter 21 faced rewrite of a whole scene and several other passages had been changed, mostly for clarity or dialogue flow.

Making any kind of clear judgment on my progress is almost impossible, though – each of my betas is at a different point in the story and works at different pace and I just go with the flow, doing my best to edit based on what feedback I receive.

Thus, I make no guesstimates for the next month but I’d like to get more done – and if there’s a decline in feedback received, I might as well go back to some light work on #2.

Before I wrap this, a minor note: I’ll probably be a bit busy in the coming days which means I might go down to posting only on weekends (the usual Sunday around noon CET).

And that’s all for this time. Good luck with your plans, fellow writers.

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