Book review: The tower of Gods

The third book of ‘The Lost Prophecy’ series by D.K. Holmberg is leading to the first major showdown of the series while keeping the pace and revealing more pieces of the complex backstory.

As with the second group, the third one follows several plot lines. Jakob (along with Brohmin and Salindra) are still in the sacred forest, learning more about the past and the way it ties into the present. Jakob especially struggles with this – and his ongoing visions. While he eventually leaves the forest, it also means he gets back into danger.

Roelle (with what remains of her group) and the Antrilli continue whittling down the countles groeliin – leading Roelle to consider a desperate move: to ask her enemy for help. While she gets the chance to at least try, this plan eventually leads to another revelation that hint on something regarding the power the desmahne are wielding – and how they gain it.

In the meantime, Alriyn keeps struggling to find a way to protect the ancient text while Vasha is infiltrated by the desmahne more than anyone would expect. He and Endric (and eventually, Novan) eventually act on this but the situation is already getting bad as more of denraen and magi are compromised.

Prince Allay Lansington travels home only to get caught in events escalating beyond control. King Locken, who defied Raime-influenced High King Richard by the end of the second book, is a hope for the Prince but he doesn’t get the chance to meet with him, at first. Traveling home, he gets entangled in a rebelion caused by the enslaved Salvat people – find allies among them and a hope for opposition against Raime and High King Richard.

All these threads (save for those in Vasha as they are quite far away) eventually lead towards Thealon and the Tower of Gods – towards a battle I definitely won’t spoil.

Read date: 4. – 7.3.2019
Published: 14.2.2017
Goodreads / Amazon rating: 4,29/4,4
My rating: 90%
Length: 366 pages (Kindle edition)
My highlights

As the book’s pace increases, I brought my rating 5% up compared to books one and two. The third book ends with a major battle at Thealon even though there’s a twist that makes it go down differently than I’d expect. Since this is book three of eight, it ends up with “the battle is won, but the war is far from over” scenario.

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