Writing: external motivation

This will be a bit more personal post. During the past days, some things happened that gave me some positive vibes when it comes to my writing and I’ve decided to share some of them.

A promise of favor

I’ve recently posted a review of a short book. When I added it to my TBR on Goodreads, the author (he friended me there some time ago) messaged me, asking for a review when I’m done and letting him know of any potential issues, which I assured him I’d do. Eventually, I asked if he’d be willing to help me with an advice or two in the future. To my joy, he agreed. We had a short talk about some writing-related things.

A daring idea

Not so long ago, I’ve got the idea of making a tribute of a kind to a series I really liked. Gathering my courage, I’ve used the contact form on the author’s website to ask his permission. Of course, with my usual overthinking, I’ve considered tens of scenarios and various words I might be called, most of them along the way of clueless pretender writer.

Again, I won’t share the details because, when it comes to it, I want the reference to stay secret (so it can be properly discovered). The point is, I got a positive answer which made me really happy.

And a lot of small things

There were also other small things that made me happy – a fellow blogger sending me a friend request on Goodreads, a fellow gamer that was happy when I told her I named a dragon in my story after her in-game character and another who made the time to contact me (as she quit gaming a few months ago) despite being kept busy by her life.

Now, in the past days, my first beta reader resumed sending me his suggestions (after being held back by a long-awaited book, something I can very well understand) so I’m now back to editing as well – and reinvigorated by the other abovementioned joys, it should go well.

To close this off: take every chance for every small joy and use it as a motivator. That’s it from me for this time. Have fun and enjoy the small things! And if you have a similar story to share, feel free to do so.

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