2018 Photography look back: Snow

Since it’s winter, in today’s post, I’ll make a short look back at some winter-themed photos I took in 2018 (and the first week of 2019).

Winter hiking is tricky – some paths are outright impossible to use without special equipment, some are unused that it’s be taxing or dangerous to go there alone and those well-used might get crowded. The two winter hikes I did in February 2018 used the low temperature (somewhere between -10 and -15 °C) as a fact that only those really wanting to be outside will venture to the hills.

Snow-covered field on a trail barely used in winter
The upper end of the forest, covered in snow

Eventually, I added one more winter hike in mid-December. Taking photos on that one was challenging due to cloudy weather and strong wind. The main trail leading across the mountain range was emptier than I’ve expected.

First snow came in force (~70cm)

And when it snows a lot, the branches might bend so much I’ll have to bend or crouch to pass.

First weekend – and first hike – of 2019

It’s hard to guess how many more winter photos I’ll make in the coming years – authorities have said it’s not recommended to be higher in the hills as there’s the danger of branches or even whole trees snapping under the heavy snow and thus a risk of injury. Avalanche warnings were also issued in some places.

That’s all I’ll share today. See you next time!

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