5/2022 Summary

After I moved in April (and all the chaos that accompanied it), May gave me more time to focus on my hobbies. Maybe more time than I expected…


With the move done, there isn’t much to mention about my personal life. I can still improve in managing all the day-to-day chores and tasks and I still have a couple things to take care of, but the main part is done. After the “vacation” I took for my move, going back to work helped me to deal with the change quite easily.


At the start of May, I started reading a three-book bundle from Eileen Mueller’s Riders of Fire series. By the end of the month, I finished the three-book set and I’ve posted the review for the first book and the second book. A review of book three is coming soon (when it fits my posting schedule).

Hiking and sport

As my move had limited my time for outdoor activities, May led to the opposite extreme – I’ve spent more time outside. I’ve managed five hikes – a double hike on the first weekend, then one every Saturday. But the warm days through the month had me yearning for more – to the point that I went rollerblading three times. Two of that right after work – get home, change clothes, pick up the gear, and head out again. The third time was with my sister (who took the above photo) on a Sunday which – to my surprise – was a bit colder than expected.

I have covered the first part of my May hiking already, and the second half is coming soon.


I’ve also returned to writing. At first, this was mostly finishing the batch of edits for book two I’ve started several months ago. Eventually, I turned my sights to book three, which I’m now going through mostly with continuity in mind and adjusting for changes made so far to book two. I’m also working on the level of detail and other minor things as I go through the story.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to in May. The lack of time for hobbies in April led me to give them more time in May. I don’t expect to keep the pace in June, but I’ll try my best to give it enough time for me to be satisfied with the progress.

I hope the month had treated you well, and that you’ll have a lot of time for your own hobbies and projects in the next month.

5 thoughts on “5/2022 Summary

  1. Hey there! I’m new to the blog (feel free to call me Lily). Wow, five hikes in one month already?? That’s super impressive. My family and I did a couple hikes in May, but then the weather got super hot (we get an early summer where we live lol.)
    By the way, I read the story about you buying a couch, and it was both horrifying and hilarious. I’m glad you finally got it to your apartment.
    Best wishes with your writing and editing!

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    • Hello, Lily, and thanks for your kind words. I admit that I had the itch to literally walk off all the accumulated stress from the move, and I think it worked. The weather is pretty much a rollercoaster but the good days tend to fall on weekends so far, at least.

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      • Ah, yes. A good walk is a great way to deal with stress lol. Something about being outdoors helps you relax and forget about everything else for a time.
        Hope you get a lot of beautiful weather this week!

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