4/2022 Summary

April has flown by, and it’s time for another monthly update. This month had seen me in a major life change…


The largest part of April was me working on my move – in the first half, packing things and running errands to buy what I would need, ordering things to be delivered to my new location, and so on.

During the Easter weekend, I moved a couple of boxes to my new location but most deliveries were planned for the days after Easter when I had a two-week “vacation” scheduled at work. I should say that the only thing that went relatively well was the delivery of the fridge, washing machine, and TV. The first batch of furniture from IKEA was delivered on time, but I made a mistake during the order as I was swapping out-of-stock parts for in-stock alternatives, and had ordered an extra set of wardrobe hinges. At least IKEA has a decent return policy, so that was sorted out just fine.

What didn’t work so well was my order of office furniture. I received the whiteboard just fine, but the desk and cabinet were troublesome. The supposed “within 7 days” delivery not only considers only business days (not stated anywhere in plain sight), but it, in fact, took 9 business days. And I managed to break one of the glass parts, so I’ll need to have a new one made.

A special story – which I may cover in a separate post – was the delivery of a couch I’ve found while browsing the internet all the way back in February and seemed like a perfect thing for both seated and half-lying positions, especially for reading.

Reading and writing

In the first half of the month, I’ve managed to read two books, which I’ve covered in my only two blog posts of April. I wanted to read a bit more, but all the things I needed to do for the move had me tired either physically, mentally, or both – so I often went to sleep early.

I’ve read a couple of random passages from my first book just to pass time and re-familiarize myself with the story before I delve back into editing book two. This pretty much covers the writing part, as I was left without time to work on my story. I expect to resume my writing mid-May.


I’ve said in my March summary that I’d like to do 2-3 hikes in April, and I was keeping that realistic (because, if I was to go by my wishes, the number would be at least double). I managed only two, courtesy of the late deliveries that prevented me from going on a hike on the 30th. The fact I managed only two hikes was somehow mitigated by the fact I stretched each to almost 30km. Given that I haven’t posted anything about March hikes either, I may try to do a summary post with a couple of pictures later this month, if my time allows.

Settling into a new way of living – on my own with full responsibility for myself – is something that wasn’t easy, less so with all the things that are going on in the world. COVID may be on retreat (for the fifth time or so) but the damage dealt to the delivery structures hasn’t even started to recover before a war on the Eastern front of Europe threw things off again. That said, I hope to have more time and space for myself and my hobbies, even though it may take a couple of weeks – maybe months – before things are running smoothly.

I hope April treated you well (and that your deliveries, of whatever they may’ve been, reached you in time) and that your May plans will go smoothly. See you next time.

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