6/2021 Writing update

The first half of 2021 is gone. Time to look at my progress this past month! This will be relatively short update.

I’ve mentioned at the end of May update that I was considering two things: continuing with edits of book two, or having a surface look at book three. I chose the latter, and done quite a bit in the first half of the month. I’ve checked pretty much the first half of the story, weeding out some typos and smaller issues while making notes of larger issues. The reason I chose this approach was to re-familiarize myself with the third book to get some idea of the early parts before I get back to editing book two. Continuity. Make sure it flow wells from #2 to #3.

As the story is written to flow right from #2 to #3 without a major gap, this doesn’t seem to be an issue, though some small details will have to be sorted out. I’ve found a couple of other details that needed a bit of attention, mostly in consistency issues. I’ve also gave dialogue – a frequent problem in early drafts – a fair bit of attention for structure and content.

This way, I’ve checked the first half in two weeks, then had to take a break as the rush had made me quite spent.

There were a few other things on my mind when it comes to my online presence: I’ve been considering migrating to a self-hosted site, but found that the move wouldn’t be justified just yet – I have yet to build any kind of major audience so there’s no need to change things. Part of that original plan was some kind of refresh, especially for the header, but that was bonked into times unknown and remains a low-priority task for me.

As I’ve traveled a fair bit in the same first half of the month, I’ve tried to use the downtime in train to think about other things – such as what I’d want the cover of book two to look like – but I’m still drwing blanks there. I’ve also been considering to give a bit of attention to the prequel concepts but all I did was to read through the handful of chapters I have and fix a coule of typos in them.

So, my main challenge for the next month will be to figure out what I want to focus on next.

So, that’s the quick monthly update. I hope life is treating you well – the weather here has been a bit weird the last weeks. You’re welcome to comment and ask questions, and I’ll answer if I can.

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