4/2021 Writing update

Another month has gone by, and thus it’s the time to reflect on my writing progress.

Book one paperback

I have set up a paperback for book one, but the proof had proved that there were some formatting issues. Most of them were my own fault due to not being used to check documents for print specifics – such as separate formatting of left-page and right-page headers and footers, or the positioning of the text in them.

After I had the proof in hand, I pretty much went through the whole file, fixing a few issues that came from mistakes done when I was converting my main file into the print file – one major issue was the alignment of scene breaks.

At this point, the issues *should* be fixed, but I’ll give it another look. When I’m sure everything is okay, I’ll add the paperback links to the appropriate section of my weblog.

On that matter, I was quite surprised what a beast a 170k-word book is when it’s printed. The spine is some 4,5cm thick (!) and the book itself is somewhere around 1kg. This only supports my opinion that e-books are the superior format for longer stories because the idea of prolonged reading from such a massive book sounds uncomfortable.

I wanted to take a photo of it but the weather wasn’t too cooperative – April here felt like winter and spring couldn’t decide who gets to rule and were duking it out in force – temperatures ranged between -5°C and 20°C and early April brought several snow showers even in the lowlands. Darker days + west-facing windows aren’t a good combo for indoor pictures… so I’ll have to wait for a day with better light conditions.

Book two drafting

I’m also continuing my work on book two. My first reader is nearing the book’s end, and I have a lengthy list of what to fix – but that was to be expected for an early draft. I wouldn’t probably even share it yet if I weren’t stuck. Dialogue, using the five senses, and conveying emotions well are my typical issues, especially in earlier drafts, and something I’ll have to fix across the book. There are also scenes that don’t work well – some are way too telling and not showing, some have other issues.

Another aspect to look at is the pacing of the first half, this will need a lot of work, and I’ll probably iterate on it more in late May and in June. For now, I’m fixing chapter-size issues and not yet delving into large-scale issues and fixes.

For now, the smaller edits are done somewhere to the 70% mark, and I guess they may be complete by mid-to-late may, then I’ll go through the complete feedback and look for large-scale issues to fix.

So, that’s my monthly update for April. I hope things are going well for all of you, and that the weather wasn’t trolling you as much. As usual, questions and comments are welcome.

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