Paperback update + ebook sale

Another quick post before a normal post – the second part of my introvert series is coming tomorrow – an update on my progress with getting the paperback out and a discount running for my e-book. More inside.

So, paperback first: after some struggle that will, eventually, warrant its own post soon (probably at the end of the month), I’ve successfully submitted the paperback file for my first book, and I will order a proof soon. When that is delivered to me, and I see it’s working, I’ll add the links to the appropriate section here. Given the length, it’s quite massive (around 4,5cm thick) and thus so costly I very much doubt I’ll sell a single copy beyond the signed author copies I promised to a few people. But Amazon higlights the price difference between paperback and ebook – over $20 in my case – so if it’s there just for the psychological effect, so be it.

Earlier this week, I also mentioned that a few volunteers put together the QuaranCon online fantasy convention (schedule and video links), and a bunch of authors run a week-long (8th to 15th) discount on some of their books. You can view the full list of discounted books here. Mine is down to $0.99 on Amazon US and GBP 0.99 on Amazon UK until midnight 15th in the respective timezones (shame countdown deals aren’t yet expanded to Amazon’s other markeplaces). So, if you want to give some unknown names a chance with lower monetary risk, here’s a chance. And with this, I promise you won’t hear me trying to sell my books (or anyone else’s, for that matter) probably until book two is out, because this is enough uncomfortable direct exposition for my introverted self.

That’s it for now – I’ll be back tomorrow with part two of my four-part series on writing introverts.

I’m also back to reading a bit more, so expect another book review next week.

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