2/2021 Writing update

After the intended break in December and unintended extension to January, I’m back to some writing. So, what’s my progress?

Simply said, I have the first beta looking at the early draft of book two, and I’ve done edits of various magnitude to the first ~15 chapters so far (roughly a quarter of the story). Of course, there will be more to fix and adjust, my changes so far were fixing typos, obvious inaccuracies, removing placeholders or references to scenes or concepts that were removed earlier, etc.

This also gives me some food for though on the larger scope. There are some aspects I know will need a lot of work, but I had no idea in what direction, and I’m starting to get at least rough idea now.

Apart from the light edits, I’ll also try to release the paperback format during Spring, but it’s not a high priority for now. I’ve finally managed a decent export, though a few issues appeared anyway, and I had to fix them. Sometimes, when you tell word to update the style across the whole ducument, it skips a paragraph or three for no reason at all…

I also got some bits of inspiration from watching documentaries about ancient cultures (especially Rome and Egypt) and their advancements as those can serve as background for fantasy technology with a bit of creativity. Especially ancient Rome could serve as an example for fantasy cities because of their water management for both hygiene and manufacture.

Anyway, that’s the quick monthly update from me. I hope you’re doing well, and see you next time.

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