Book review: Requiem’s song

After a break, I’m back to pleasure-reading and another review. This time, I delved into the first book of Daniel Arenson’s ‘Dawn of Dragons’ series, Requiem’s song.

I’ve originally wanted to start with a different book from this world (which is split into seven trilogies), the one published as the first but eventually decided to go for this one, being chronologically first.

It’s also the first time I read books where the dragons are humans with shape-shifting powers.

The book has strong witch-hunt vibes – violent time, fear of unknown, and persecution of misunderstood power.

Despite being on the shorter end (around 300 pages), the book has several PoV characters – though they can be grouped into three initial plot lines. The PoV characters, then, are two types: the persecuted weredragons (or, as some of them call their kind, Vir Requis) and those hunting them.

The shifters are alike in a way – all believing they are the only ones with this ‘curse’ (as seen by those pursuing them and eventually forced to believe it). The antagonists are what would be expected in a ‘witch hunt’ type of scenario – people who’d protect their own by killing the unknown regardless of whether or not the unknown poses any actual threat to them (and as you’d probably expect from such a scenario, there’s no mention of the ‘weredragons’ harming humans other than self-defense).

While the book’s violence might be off-putting to someone and character development might be low (though I’d guess this might be due to the book being relatively short), I found it gripping.

There are also some details I’d like to be set-up or explained a bit more but I keep hope that some of them might be answered in the sequels.

Read date: 30.7.-31.7.2019
Published: 30.4.2014
Goodreads/Amazon rating: 3,68 / 3,9
My rating: 85%
Length: 302 pages
My highlights

I’ll resume reading this series soon.

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