1/2019 Writing update

I am back with my monthly writing updates. For 2019, I’m leaning towards a small change of leaving them for the actual end of the month instead of around 20th. Anyway, let’s see what I’ve been up to.

In fact, it was not much for a long time. I made a few small edits here and there but that was it. The early January was spent reading more than writing (partially to get an early start on my Goodreads 2019 challenge).

It changed mid-January when I started getting more feedback files. That moved my editing forward (I broke the 666 hours mark, by the way), though I still don’t know when I’ll get to the next stage. I know I’ll make some other adjustments when this editing pass is done, then I’ll try to push it to the beta stage (which I hope would be in early Spring).

I’ve also got some ideas for topics I’d like to cover regarding this blog. I prepared a few posts on some topics I’d like to cover. I’m thinking about a deeper look (sometimes general, sometimes personal) into some particular clichés. I’m considering making a mini-series of posts about various aspects of character death in a similar style I did with my short series of posts about romance in books, though I’ve yet to decide how exactly I’d approach that. I’d like to touch the topic of highlighting (my favorite feature of e-books) and possibly Kindle X-ray which I see as an overlooked and underappreciated feature with good potential. Other topics I’ll cover will depend on my momentary ideas as well as the books I read – and the thoughts they might spark.

Anyway, I’ll wrap it up here. Since I am now in the editing stage, these updates won’t be about much progress as that’s mostly done in the creative parts and I’m not yet thinking about continuing some early work on book two, instead wanting to get some more work done on #1.

Thanks for reading and see you next time. Feel free to comment.

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