4/2018 Writing update

Another month passes since I wrote this type of article. At that time, I was in progress with fifth draft, which since then was completed, went thorough a quick look on the most-heavily edited parts for quick typo fix and then a full personal proof-read with more fixes and some more edits.

Where am I now?

Well, at this point it seems to be harder to guess. When I finished the third draft I was like “just a few quick edits and I’ll call it beta version.” Did not happen. Same with fourth draft. At least I believe I am actually learning something as I go. Maybe I finally made some progress as I am considering actually offering some of my trustworthy fellow World of Warcraft friends a chance to read it as alpha testers. Hopefully after that, I might need one more pass before I call it beta and start looking for potential beta readers (still no clue where. One step at a time).

In the meantime, I’ll probably try to get some work one on #0,5 where my main problem is naming (when that was not my main problem?). As it is significantly shorter (40k words for #0,5 compared to 226k for #1) I believe the internal drafting phase could be faster and hopefully I might be able to have it in decent state in summer. Yeah, I told myself this before. Twice at least.

Anyway, the time when I’ll need to think how I’d like the cover of #0,5 look like is getting dangerously close and I still have only faint idea, compared to quite decent ideas for #1 and even #2.

My hope is that during the summer, I might be able to reveal a bit more about my writing, though I am reluctant to guess what it’ll be. I’ll at least try to write monthly update blogs on my writing progress, if nothing else.

And that’s it from me for now.