First draft done, many to go

Two months ago, I wrote a post about reaching a tough decision in my writing attempt(s). Eventually, what I considered the hard way won, and I decided to pull out the prologue of the book to separate piece with as much detail as it deserves. I hope and wished I would have the first draft done by the end of the year, but I am bad judge of my capabilities in that regard, and it was threatened a lot when I wrote very little during November.

I had some more chances in December and yesterday I finished the first draft. In two months, which sounds quite fast, but some part of it was extending what I already had. Then, the rest was being created from scratch. Anyway, as of now the first draft is at almost 40.000 words, which sounds like really nice progress in two months of which one had no progress at all.

Now, it has much more left to do. There are still placeholder names (I really hate my ‘creativity’ when it comes to names) and some other things that will require my attention to make it as good as I can, which I guess will require two or three more drafts at least. How fast will that go I don’t dare to say, I only know that I’ll now take a break, read a book or three (I already blazed through one today, review will come later this week) and then return to it.

Maybe, by the end of winter, I might have something more to share than just terribly unspecific posts. I hope so. Maybe I can have it ready in late summer 2018. That would be even better.