Fantasy thoughts: warrior’s weight

A few times, I found myself thinking about what would be the total weight of a warrior. People that are deep into history know how much does a suit of armor weight, and same for the weaponry, but what about the character itself?

So, my first thought was, what would be the figure model? Of course even warriors can be different, with more or less muscle mass or density or whatever. So the main thought was what is the figure model for the main character of my future fantasy story? Eventually, I decided that with his less muscle mass and more athletic than bodybuilder figure, hockey player would be good.

As the character in question is two meters tall elf, I was then thinking and searching who is one of the biggest hockey players, my search eventually leading to the Slovakian defensive player Zdeno Chára who is said to be the tallest player in NHL ever with 2,06 meters. Said player is at 116kg, which made me estimate that the slightly shorter fantasy character would be somewhere between 110 and 115 kg of body weight, and ending up somewhere between 140 and 160 kg when fully geared, depending on armor and weapons.

Now, there’s one mentioned character, a legend of the past, that was at 2,2 meters and had the barbarian body, which is closer to bodybuilders, and thus have more muscle mass and thus weight. Now using bodybuilder’s BMI instead of hockey player’s, said character would get to almost 150kg without gear, and close to 200kg with. For someone using full strength for his strikes, someone like that was truly a menacing sight on the battlefields.

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