Art in the streets

During the previous week, my attention was drawn to a bus that had quite unique graphical design. While there are few that are not using the operator’s typical colors (usually it’s a prototype which was not repainted after testing) or paid advertisement, this one is significantly different.

I’m quite sure that most people saw buses, trains, trams and anything else covered by graffiti without the owner’s consent. This was the opposite case: the bus was intentionally covered by graffiti as part of a cultural event in the city. It was out of order for a week while some modifications were done to preserve the unusual look.


Graffiti-covered bus. In background, two buses in the usual color scheme (yellow stripe indicates low-floor bus)

Unfortunately I did not have time to take more from more angles. Another interesting fact is that the bus was operating on a route that was replacing trams (tram tracks are undergoing repairs) where a noise-cancelling wall is covered by street art for a few years already, replacing the billboards. I consider it better than the mostly unimaginative ads especially as the groups that make decorations for these walls are continuously replacing them with new ones (I believe one or two on each side of the road per year).

Karosa B941E bus specifications (source: Wikipedia)

  • Articulated bus
  • Length/Width/Height: 17,615 m / 2,5 m / 3,165 m
  • Top speed: 70 km/h
  • Manufactured: 335 buses between years 1997 and 2001 (this particular bus in 1999) by Karosa (now Iveco Czech Republic)
  • Capacity: 42 seated + 118 standing passengers

This type of bus (as well as the slightly newer B961 variant as seen in background to the left) is slowly being cycled out and replaced by low-floor or low-entry buses but several are still in use if their technical state allows. These two and their B741 predecessor were significant part of my daily commute for several years. In the last years, they are being replaced by fully low-floor buses.

Art design credit to author. Photo taken by me.

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