Mixed up

This is a story of a very strange dream that happened to me a few months ago and that I still remember very well. It led to a decision that I’ll try to avoid reading books from multiple series at once.

A bit of background: it was shortly after I bought my e-reader and there were a few things I wanted to get on. Mostly Eragon/Inheritance series and The Mortal Instruments (mostly to see differences between movie and book). I was also gaming a lot and then all of that stuff mixed up in this weird dream…

I was in Goldshire inn. Those who played World of Warcraft know it’s a tavern of dubious reputation where you can see almost anything. I was one of the ordinary tavern visitors, just minding my tankard of whatever my dream-self was drinking when…

Eragon walked to the bar. Now, that alone would be strange, how did he get to Azeroth? He barely managed to order his drink when another well known character came in: the dark lord, Voldemort himself.

Eragon did not waste time. I have no clue at all what kind of spell he used, but Voldemort was completely obliterated before he even managed to reach for his wand. He did not just die like in the book or disintegrate like in the movie. He was just erased, kind of like Deathwing after being hit by the Dragon soul.

As if nothing happened, Eragon walked outside the tavern, where Sapphira waited and Eragon just started drawing runes on her scales. I only know for sure that one was healing rune and that they were from the Mortal Instruments series.

At that point I woke up. I had lots of weird dreams in past, but this aced it. I sat without move for maybe two minutes having a face that claerly said “what the hell?” before laughing hard. Truth be told, I had hard time not laughing for the rest of the day at least, especially as I told this to my fellow World of Warcraft players.