Hiking: Autumn’s rainy welcome

After the sun-filled first half of September, I had a three-day trip planned for the end of the month, belonging to Autumn already. And the weather matched it.

Our destination was an area on Czech-Austrian border, where the river had carved a path through the rock, creating a relatively deep ravine.

And the slopes are covered either by woods and rocks, or vineyards.

With a small amount of bridges connecting both riverbanks. The autumn had already started its paint job on the landscape, turning the first trees yellow.

A good part of the trail for the first day led around the river, sometimes just next to it, sometimes ascending above – but the gloomy weather wasn’t too cooperative for highlighting the rock outcroppings. The walk through the damp forests was pleasant, accompanied by constant crunching as the forest floor was covered by fallen acorns.

The first day’s hike ended in Znjomo, with its castle (and a small vineyard on its slopes) overlooking the river.

The second day led us to the heart of the area, towards the river’s meanders and the castle in the middle of the reserve. First, though, wehad to get there. This hike started in a small village with a memento of the Cold War.

After a short walk, we reached an overlook above the valley, with a view of the Hardegg (it probably means something else in German than it would in English) castle, tufts of morning mist still remaining around it.

Then, the trail I took led me to follow the river for a while, the splashing and the sunlight making it a pleasant relaxation, more so as this trail was almost empty.

With flood fields and exposed rock walls around us, we walked downriver two or three meanders, before returning – this time taking it the short way – right across that thin and high strip of land the river haven’t burst through yet, giving us a view from above.

Finishing the loop, we reached another overlook above the castle, this time on the other bank, then headed back across the border and on the second half of our journey – to return to the campsite hotel.

There were still nice places left to see on the way…

…and the place around the dam was still crowded despite it being the last weekend of the season.

After the bright second day, the third one was, once again, gloomy in a way that would fit November more. But that’s perfect for a trip to the ruins of a castle…

… and to another nearby castle that still stands…

…though this bridge and gate isn’t used anymore.

Despite two out of three days being damp, I admit I enjoyed this weekend – I’ve seen a few more nice places which, in these strange times, might not be as easy anymore with the second-wave lockdown looming on the horizon.

So, with this run-down of my three-day journey, I wrap up this post. Let’s hope we’ll all find some joy in the autumn’s colors (without getting soaked, if possible) and let it inspire us rather than cause gloom.

See you next time.

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