Book review: The Gift of Madness

The seventh book of The Lost Prophecy series is something I’ve expected to start wrapping things up but it still delves deep into the backstory.

Following the previous events, Jakob tries to help those cured from the madness to awaken their powers – only to realize he doesn’t know how to do so. As one of the afflicted is his brother, it shows the divide the events between the start of the series (when Jakob was just an apprentice historian) and now (when he’s a being of power) shifts him away from his last surviving relative.

Another major plot thread focuses on the magi, now leaving the Antrilii lands for Vasha to help Endric and Alriyn to prepare for what’s to come.

Eventually, Roelle makes an appearance as well. After being fully healed, the events lead her to doubt much of what happened and the balance of power in the world.

As Jakob searches forunderstanding of the damahne and the groeliin, he uncovers the dark (and quite sad) origins of the groeliin. Likewise, Endric makes some discoveries. Together, they hint that there’s more to reveal – and that there might be at least one more shocking revelation tied to the next – and last – book of the series.

Read date: 31.5.- 3.6.2019
Published: 12.9.2017
Goodreads/Amazon rating: 4,43/ 4,4
My rating: 90%
Length: 356 pages (kindle edition)
My highlights

Going up 5% from the previous three books. The combat sequence at the end was something a bit different than the previous ones – and something I had yet to see. I’ll delve into the last book very soon.

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