Book review: Warrior mage

Following ‘The Threat of Madness’ I read earlier this month, the second book of ‘The Lost Prophecy’ series shows much deeper story. As the main characters travel far with their missions, much of backstory is developed. More than I thought.

Book two cover

Following the events of the first book, the two main plotlines are following Roelle’s group and Jacob’s group. Yet, there’s much more going on – the Magi and Denraen in Vasha preparing for what’s coming, the brewing unrest around Thealon and the Tower of Gods. The way it’s shown makes it clear it’ll all fall in place while keeping things secret.

Jacob, accompanied by Brohmin and the de-powered mage, bring the mysterious chest to Avaneam – and his visions continue as he learns more about what’s going on (but still not much). It’s this part of the book that vastly expands the backstory.

Roelle, as hinted by the cover, gets most of the spotlight. She’s eventually sent out of the city by Alriyn and Endric, to meet the Antrilii and learn more about the threats in the north. This part connects a lot with the story shown in the third book of Teralin Sword series (my review from 2017). There’s a struggle based on the fact the magi were long passive protectors of peace but seem to have a natural talent for fighting – a dilemma that’ll test Roelle and have the answer hinted by the Antrilii.

The books also gives a hint of the timeframe between the two series: hinting that the vents of the first Teralin Sword book happening over a quarter of century ago. Unfortunately, there are no further appearances of other characters (Pendin was mentioned a few times in the first book, Senda did not appear so far, Tresten was mentioned to be dead).

The other scenes then show the magi trying to choose their delegates in hopes of restoring their influence against the desmahne but even this plan goes downhill. Raime is shown as a plotter as he drives the king of Gom Aldia against Thealon. Raime is revealed to be very old with terrifying power who is not bidding his time while using the king as his puppet. This fact eventually leads to some fracturing in his forces but their effect is far from determined yet.

To wrap this up: the book covers several subplots that are eventually heading towards the same place, most likely in the next book. With most of the set-up done, the book keeps stable pace, mixing action with politics and hints of the past.

Read date: 14. – 25.2.2019
Published: 24.1.2017
Goodreads / Amazon rating: 4,22/4,2
My rating: 85%
Length: 370 pages (Kindle edition)
My highlights

I’ve kept the rating at 85%, matching the previous book – it reads mostly the same, barring the fact there’s no need to set everything up at the beginning.

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