Welcome, 2019 – my plans

I am, since some time, avoiding the word “resolutions”. When it comes to my hobbies, instead of hard-set goals, I look at it and set some range of what I’d like to do. So, what are my plans for 2019?


This is probably the easiest one. In the best case, I’d like to have the first book completed and out in the world by the end of 2019. The closest goal is the seconds tage of beta testing, which I now estimate for spring 2019. I’d like to start looking for a cover source by that time as well.


I’ve set the same goal as I did in 2018 – 25 books, with hopes of 30. How well it’ll go will also depend on how much time I’ll need to spend on my own revisions when it comes to my writing.

I’ll use Goodreads to track this, as the previous years.


The trickiest to set a goal for. I had years with a good start but slowed later due to weather just as I had years with a bad start and strong summer. So, my general hope is to stay where I tend to be the last years – 30-35 hikes per year ending up somewhere between 700 and 800 km in total. One or two really hard ones around (or even over) 30km would be nice as well.

So, those are my hobby-based goals for 2019. To my readers, I hope you found some realistic goals as well and that you’ll have fun working towards them.

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