Book plans for 2018

New year is coming and with it hopefully some new places to visit and new books to read. I’ll now focus on the book-ish part. For start, I’ve decided to set my 2018 reading challenge on Goodreads at the same 25 books per year as in 2017. 25 because it’s between 2 books/month (24) and one book per two weeks (26), and because number ending in 5 or 0 looks better in any case.

As for what I know will be in my 2018 reads, much of it is still unclear. I know that there will be pieces that just grab my attention on the way. I know there will be re-reads of things I liked before the next sequel comes out. And there will be some things that were sitting on my list of potential reads.

When it comes to what I know already, I will start 2018’s reading some day this week with re-read of World of Warcraft: Illidan, as Illidan’s story is now getting to (another) end and I want to revisit the moments that made him the one fighting fire by (more) fire. With that come two more books that I know I will read: World of Warcraft Chronicle #3 and World of Warcraft: Before the Storm, coming at some point in 2018.

I had quite some painful moments with clearing the shelf on goodreads where I was putting some finds from recommendations, but it became total mess. Unfortunately GR does not allow to just remove a whole shelf including the books, so I had to do that manually for 40 books and was glad that I stopped filling that virtual shelf at some point – the list in my PC is at around 60 books, limited to starters in series, bringing the potential to 250+ if I liked went through the whole series.

As of those that I consider most likely to hit this year would be three books for now. I’ll choose more after, depending on when that happens.

These are in no particular order, I’ll just see probably based on my mood. And I would not mix the series, they’d be done one by one. Plus, anything can come between them based on what I come across or what could get my attention from Amazon’s recommendation mails. After all, it’s how half of my potential TBRs came to be, by looking up what they are and adding them to the list if they looked good enough.

When it comes to the other things, Threat of Madness  from D.K. Holmberg is a candidate if there is longer break before book 6 of Teralin Sword series is released, though as it happens in the same world and some time later, I’ll probably try to wait for it.

Another possibility is to read some other series by David Dalglish whose books entertained me in early 2017. I might also try to squeeze in some SF classic at some point. Maybe something from Verne for mix of SF and adventure.

When it comes to my goals with writing, I don’t even know if I can set any. It gave me a burst of hope when I managed to write quite a lot in the second half of December, but if I wanted to have the first piece ready in 2018 (and it would definitely be late in the year) then I’d have to persuade myself to stop going forward and actually go back to proofreading and editing, something that will be much needed.

That’s all I will say about my book goals for 2018 so far. I believe that books will give me as much fun as they did in 2017.

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