3/2022 Summary

While March isn’t completely over just yet, I feel I can do some wrap-up for the month already.


I’ll start with this because it affects all the other things – I mentioned that I’ll be moving in late April. As things draw near, it leads to me shifting the focus in my free time to other things than usual. By now, I have some decent idea of what I’ll need to buy and how much it’ll cost but the timing of some things is still unsure.


With all that in mind, I haven’t found the energy to write blog posts, as you’ve probably noticed. I posted two book reviews in the first half of the month as well as my monthly hiking summary and that was it. It’s likely that this won’t change until I have moved and have all things in order – probably not before mid-May. So, if I’m not around as much, don’t worry, I’m okay, just focusing on something else.


I’ve read one book in early March – and I will probably get back to the series soon. It’s hard to guess if all the things I’ll need to take care of will make me read more to relax, or less, to seek other sources of entertainment.


Well, good news at least in one aspect. I’ve had a couple of writing bursts (another aspect that slowed my reading progress) and all the new scenes for this draft are written. Some may need further adjustments and there are some surface edits left to do before this draft is ready for my own proof-read which, given the scope of changes, will need to be thorough. I then expect another set of edits to weed out smaller issues and typos made during the writing bursts. Again, with my April plans being elsewhere, this may take more time than usual.


I managed to keep the pace I’ve set up so far – of the four weekends, I went on a hike three times. I opted for one weekend with rest, despite the good weather – the winter hikes in February and early March had me a bit tired so, before going for the spring lowlands, I decided I could pass on one weekend.

With the temperatures attacking 20°C during the day, I can say that the winter season is over, and that I am quite satisfied with it. Despite my move, I know I will try to go hiking at least two, preferably three, times in April.

That’s my short monthly summary. I hope life’s treating you well and to see you again soon, whenever that actually is. Even if I won’t post as much, I’m still lurking around.

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