2/2022 Summary

As with the January summary, I’m continuing the trend of being more general in nature, focusing on all my hobbies and some personal things in one post. So, what was my February like?


Especially the early part of February was still affected by my blogging slump but my life has given me a bit more opportunities to post since mid-month. So, for now, I may be getting closer to my usual one post per week, but I can’t promise it.


February had me read two fictions books (the review of the second will probably come next week) and one short non-fiction book. The series I’ve started now had caught my interest better than the previous one, so maybe I’ll get back to some more reading soon…


I had some major progress on my edits of book two, which included editing some 10 chapters, some of them surface edits, some of them rewritten, and some new scenes added to replace old ones. That said, I know I’ll return to a couple of them to further adjust them. For one chapter, I had a different idea I want to try. So I see February as a good month when it comes to my writing.

Partially-related note to potential metalheads reading this: HammerFall released a new CD this Friday so it may be my writing companion for the next session.


The weather was mostly cooperating, apart from one weekend, so I managed to spend some good time outdoors.

For the shortest month, I managed to get three hikes and one shorter walk in the suburbs, with a couple of nice pictures – and, as with January, I’ll get to those in a separate post, probably next weekend.


I’ve mentioned that I plan to move out from my parents in April, and February had seen me going through the options available to me. I started with 15 possible apartments and went through them, considering the size and layout, rent price, state (full or partial renovation), location, and other things. I’ve made my final selection during this week and early March should see me dealing with the formalities – especially contracts for the rent itself and utilities (I hope they won’t exhaust me too much).

So, there goes the shortest month of the year. I hope the month has seen you well. Winter and Spring have been fighting for domination here and the snow has retreated to the highest parts of the hills but there’s a chance that I may get to enjoy the snow at least at the beginning of March. Maybe the last time this winter…

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