Book review: Return of a Warlord

The fourth book of R.K. Lander’s series brings one of its subplots to an end. And what an end it is… (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it).

Fel’annár, recovering from the battle at the end of the previous book (which seems to be a rule so far), is to finally return to the capital – to finally see his estranged family and, hopefully, prevent a civil war. After all, the evens of the third book had given his group some clues to go on and use against their enemy – should they get to the capital in time.

Easier said than done.

Back at the capital, the king tries to keep things together and prevent a rebellion – while the rebels are preparing for their final move and seem to be gaining the upper hand. Thargodén gets to show a bit of his old, strong self, but it may be way too late.

The book follows three main groups – Fel’annár’s, Thargodén’s, and Bandorán’s. Each of them leads to a not-so-small amount of revelations for the backstory that had brought the characters where they are, as well as some details about the culture of individual elven nations (especially Silvan bonding traditions). The issues with PoV clarity are still present and I don’t expect it to change.

Fel’annár’s group is harassed pretty much every step of their journey – by enemies from within and without as well as by the nature. Along the way, there is some unexpected death – quite different than what I would’ve expected for that particular character.

At the last third of the book, the author went all out with how things spiral out of control and the conclusion was dramatic, well-paced, and quite satisfying. And while the political unrest may be a minor issue going forward with the instigator (and his minions) dealt with, there will still be a mess to clean all the while the Deviants are still out there, ready to strike, the Nim’uán at their fore.

Read date: 20.-27.11.2021
Published: 30.5.2020
Goodreads/Amazon rating: 4,62/4,8
My rating: 90% (same as the previous)
My highlights

Given that this book concludes one part of the plot, and the sixth (and final) book isn’t yet finished, I’ll likely stop reading this series before the sixth book is out.

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