Fantasy month questions

Two weeks ago, I made a post looking at the MC of my writing project in a different way. Today, I’m taking another jab at this, focused on my fantasy preferences, courtesy of Ed White. So, let’s get to it!

1. What Are Your Favorite Types of Fantasy-ish Genres?

In general, that’d be Epic/Sword and Sorcery fantasy – those two sub-genred can overlap a lot. I don’t mind Sci-Fi–Fantasy crossover if the theme catches my attention. I also prefer lighter read over too dark stories, because the main pupose of my reading is relaxation and escapism. I guess that’s the reason why I favor a touch of romance as a sub-plot element.

2. Are There Any Particular Titles You Enjoy Most?

Among the series I enjoyed a lot, I can mention a few (with Goodreads links to the first entry in the series): Daniel M. Ford’s Paladin trilogy, J.D. Hallowell’s books starting with Dragon Fate (lighter dragonrider fantasy), James Harrington’s Drakin series (SF-Fantasy where Earth comes under attack by dragons from space), Shae Fords’s Fate’s Forsaken series (one of the main characters is a dragon-shifter), and The White Owl by B.D. Connor – one of my beta swaps, to name a few.

If I was to take a clue from Ed’s post, then I guess I should mention the Warcraft game universe, and the third Witcher game (by the time I got to them, the first two games were quite obsolete not just in graphics, but also in weird controls, to the point I gave up during tutorial)

3. What Are Your Favorite Types of Protagonists?

Someone with a goal, and challenges within, not just from the outside. Usually characters that are, in essence, good – but that doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes. Quite the opposite – facing challenges to see if they stay true to themselves is a good plot element. Someone I can relate to – that’s the most important part, and the reason why I rarely get to like an anti-hero type of book. Brooding characters with a lot of internal monologue are my favorites if it’s something that either provides the challenge within (dealing with their own insecurities, doubts, etc.).

4. What Are Your Favorite Types of Antagonists?

A villain you can really hate, to read to see them defeated for good. However, it gets better if the characters are complex. Good motivation for being a villain, something you can understand to some degree. Characters who aren’t bad because of what they want, but because of how they chose to pursue that goal. “Path to hell paved with good intentions” works quite well.

Characters that are inherently evil can work, but there needs to be some degree of background for them being so. And sometimes a simple reason – jealousy, desire for power, ambition – may be the best reason. Scientists turned evil also work well for me.

5. Favorite Fantasy Media? Books, Video Games, Movies, Comics, Etc?

Definitely books (in my case, e-books). They work the best for escapism and are quite portable (compare carrying an e-reader with even just a laptop). Movies aren’t exactly bad, but there’s a lot that can go wrong by skipping seemingly minor plot issue or changing the narrative for the diffenre medium. And comics don’t seem to be that good for longer and more complex stories.

6. Preferred Fantasy Tropes?

My favor for sword-and-sorcery subgenre probably answers this. Elve, dragons, magic (preferably with rules that are understandable but not overcomplicated). I have a fondness for the Shadow vs. Light themes and paladins (and dragon riders, because they tend to have similar values to paladins as protectors of the innocent and downtrodden). Coming-of-age stories can also have their own set of challenges and questions to ponder.

7. If You Could Envision Yourself As One Protagonist, Who Would It Be? Why?

Kael from the already-mentioned Fate’s Forsaken series comes to my mind – at the start, he’s a brooding, shy boy with a lot of inner struggle and insecurities, to the point I was reminded of myself in many aspects. His story is a “zero to hero” with no shortage of challenges on the path from a weakling to someone who’s willing to help to save the world.

8. If You Could Only Bring One Kind of Item With You on a Quest, What Would It Be?

Can I take a dragon? If no, then an endless backpack.

9. Your Favorite Type of legendary weapon?

I have a fondness for swords. They’re quite versatile for both offensive and defensive approach to combat, and many iconic swords are just awesome in design. They’re also way more elegant than a mace or axe.

So, that’s it – another look behind the scenes, and something about my reading tastes. Feel free to try this yourself.

See you next time.

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