Book review: Daybreak

So, after another month-long gap, I got to read the fourth – and final – book in Shae Ford’s Fate’s forsaken series.

The third book ended up on a positive note with many characters closing off minor plot threads, leaving only the last threats – the mad king Crevan – to be dealt with.

Yet, despite all of that, there’s a lot of stuff still going on – the bickering on the seas and D’mere’s schemes are something that keep the book covering several plot lines – and PoVs.

And it’s Crevan’s anger that sends things on a quick downward spiral as he hopes to crush his opposition before they can muster against him, hoping to seal the gaps of power the deaths of his lackeys caused before they’re taken by… someone good.

Kyleigh tries to storm the castle, with Kael on her back (literally) – but this doesn’t go as she’d like and sends the pair on a journey they’d not expect – and an emotional portion that reveals much about dragons, Kyleigh’s almost-forgotten history, and how some hints of backstory came into the present.

The other groups – the pirates, the giants, the wildmen – all face some trouble. And it’ll all come down to each of them deciding to end it to the point all the groups eventually meet at Midlan. And the precipice of the final batle is where the books get really hilarious as all of the different characters get to be in one place again.

The battle itself (no spoilers) is shown from a myriad of PoVs but is a bit hectic at times – but full of action and with no shortage of funny moments. It had a few shortcomings as well, but I can’t mention those for spoiler reasons. After the battle ends, there’s still ~10% of the book left to wrap things up, though maybe more than would be necessary.

Read date: 26.-30.12.2019
Published: 18.9.2015
Goodreads/Amazon rating: 4,21/4,6
My rating: 90%
Length: 691 pages (Kindle edition)
My highlights

As with the previous books in this series, I’ve read this one pretty fast – though with a long gap between the individual books caused not by a lack of interest but because I was weaving beta swaps between them.

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