Book review: The Last Conclave

The sixth book of The Lost Prophecy series keeps the pacing of the fourth and fifth but the attention shifts a bit to some othe characters.

While the fifth book had a lot of attention on Jakob’s and Isandra’s plotline, this changes slightly.

Jakob still plays a role and still works on learning what he can but did not feel as prominent. Yet, he’s the one to get into a sticky situation first and lears some things that might be essential in the future. He also gets into contact with the hidden members of the conclave.

Raime, the ‘big bad’, was forced back at the end of the fifth book and is merely mentioned in the sixth as the most attention goes to the recently-captured Jostephon and what he might know about the groeliin. This gives a lot of space to Isandra (and, by extension, the Antrilii) as Isandra believes there are answers she can get from Jostephon and from observing the captured groeliin.

A major part of the plot revolves around the land where Brohmin and Salindra were observing the Desmahne and the Lashiin priests. This continues as Roelle’s ‘unit’ joins that part of the plot and lead to some interesting conclusions about both the Lashiin priests and the surprisingly calm Desmahne.

That’s as much as I can hint without spoilers. I’ll continue with the seventh book soon (hopefully really soon, without another month-long break).

Read date: 24.-27.5.2019
Published: 1.8.2017
Goodreads/Amazon rating: 4,41/ 4,5
My rating: 85%
Length: 370 pages (kindle edition)
My highlights

As the pace is the same as with book #4 and #5, I am keeping the same rating. On a side note, it was nice to see Dendril again and to see there’s more to his sword.

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