Book Review: The Lost City

After some break from reading, I’ve returned to this series and devoured the fifth book in four days.

As with the fourth book, the fifth seems to still be an interlude for the first part. There’s a lot of attention given to Jakob who still struggles with the ability to look back in time and has no idea how to look forwards, despite knowing it’ll be important to uncover where Raime will strike next – and thus taking the element of surprise from him.

Isandra and the Antrilii continue to search for the groeliin breeding grounds, which gives Isandra the opportunity to rethink what she knows about the world and the purpose of her powers, both those she had lost and those she had found. Her line of thinking, different than the atrilii she follows, allows her to realize some connections the hunters can’t see.

Brohmin and Salindra travel to a place where the Desmahne gained control but felt secure enough to leave it seemingly unguarded – and take it as a chance to see how they could be disrupted. Things take a few twists here as the populace seems to be living relatively normal life while other groups are working from shadows – and will lead to some other revelations.

Roelle is mostly absent from the story, still recovering from the poisoning but gets to be seen as Jakob visits Vasha in hope of answers though neither Endric, Haerlin, or Roelle’s uncle seem to be able to help enough.

Eventually, Raime makes his move. With it, what the characters seemed to know not only about his power but about other mysteries of the world shifts again…

Read date: 30.4. – 3.5.2019
Published: 11.7.2017
Goodreads / Amazon rating: 4,37/4,6
My rating: 85%
Length: 392 pages (Kindle edition)
My highlights

As with the fourth book, I managed to read it quickly despite the lack of action in the early book. Thus, the rating stays at 85%, as with the fourth one.

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