2018 photography spotlight: flowers

Spring might be some time away but I am already thinking of places I’ll want to visit once the snow is gone and the landscape starts blooming. So, as a break between writing-related posts, I’m showing my 5 favorite photos of flowers made in 2018. If you’re in some cold-gripped area while reading this, let’s hope it’ll warm you up.

As I said many times, my ability to identify flowers is awful so this will be a wordless slideshow for a great part.

7th April
25th April – Lednice chateau gardens
30th May – Wild rose in the mountains
Shrub sculpture in Luhačovice spa/city park
Notice the fly on the right-side petal

That’s it from me this time. I’ll be back again soon – and will keep what kind of post it’ll be a surprise.

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