Book review: The Awakening of Dreams

My second new read of 2019 is the end to a trilogy of short fantasy books. It follows two books I’ve read and reviewed back in Summer 2017.

The third book happens some two decades after the first two books. Averot’h was rebuilt and returned to being a prospering city that is home to both humans and wizards yet the power that brought about its downfall was not fully vanquished.

The book follows Leisha, daughter of Syrdan who was the protagonist of the first two books. She’s surprised to find a bit of blood on the streets and starts investigating it, eventually learning that someone might be trying to revive the violent Kat’an order.

Working with Rohan, a bright human, they work to uncover the disappearances and find who’s behind it but it quickly starts going downhill.

I can’t really say much without spoilers. There will be some twists, as it tends to be when you get to the “trust no one” situation and some revelations about what happened in the 20 years between this book and the previous two.

Read dates: 16.1.2019 (~2hrs)
Published: 14.12.2018
Goodreads / Amazon links
My rating: 85%
Length: 132 pages (Kindle edition)

It’s always hard for me to review a very short book and this trilogy is really short. Still, it’s a good quick read, even if the start is a bit slower to set up the Averot’h 3.0 and its characters.

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