Writing habits

Something I’ve noticed is that many writers advise is to write regularly. Maybe it works, and maybe for many people, but not for me. I write when I am alone, and that by itself is irregular. Adding to that must be that I am in creative enough mood and have something actually ready to write. I am someone who thinks through in regards to storytelling and so it rarely happens that I would just sit behind the PC and start dishing out words. Yes, I had such moments, but more often than not it’s a cycle of things.

Hike. Think. Write. Repeat.

I found it that the best way to think about the story, apart from when I lay in bed waiting for sleep to claim me, is when I am alone in the hills, walking at full speed and enjoying the scenery. Only then, when all of my body is busy, I can make my mind focus on one thing, whatever it is, and I try to direct it towards the story I am trying to create.

Then, I think about the ideas I had, see how they fall into place. Only after that, I’ll get to writing. Sometimes the ideas keep flowing and expanding as I work and I’m able to bust out even five chapters in a week; sometimes I’ll think like mad but write nothing in three weeks.