Writing timeline

Here, I’ll share the original idea for my progress compared with the actual progress. After the demo, I presumed it would be a trilogy though at some points it looked like I might need to split it into four books – something that is no longer likely as of summer 2018.

Original plan and milestones:

  • First ideas: 2002
  • Serious thinking about it: Summer 2013
  • Writing demo: 21.7.2015 – 10.9.2015
  • Target for the first draft of book 1: 21.7.2017
  • Target for beta of book 1: Late 2017
  • Target for release of book 1: 21.7.2018
  • Target for release of book 2: 21.7.2021
  • Target for complete story done: 21.7.2025

This plan is pretty much invalidated as of 10/2017. The need for major revisions of some parts of the story means delays on the first book. Actual goals including any shifts are below.

Actual milestones:

Updated: 1/2019

Book 0,5:

  • Working title: Rise of the Eternal Defenders
  • Writing started: 16.10.2017
  • First draft: 26.11.2017 (Time spent writing: 30hrs)
  • Current status: second draft, development paused
  • Current length: ~39k words
  • ETA: Yet unknown.

#0,5 is the former prologue of #1 happening ‘very long time’ (several generations) before the main story of #1 – #3. Initially, I thought to begin with that but changed my plans to release it later as an optional side-read, possibly between #1 and #2.

Book one:

  • Title: Eternal Defenders
  • Writing started 7.10.2015
  • First draft: 26.11.2016 (Time spent writing: 308 hrs)
  • Alpha version: 24.5.2017 (Time spent writing: 440 hrs)
  • First beta draft: 13.8.2018 (Time spent writing: 572 hrs)
  • Current status: early beta stage
  • Current length: ~184k words (version 0.6.2 / 23.11.2018)
  • ETA: Presumed Autumn 2019

The development of book one was made longer by my endless tries to get things right. Fourth, fifth and sixth drafts saw major revisions to several chapters.

Book two:

  • Current title: Secrets of the Eternals
  • Story preparation since Q3/2016
  • Early work began 5.2.2017
  • Current progress: first draft (time spent writing: 192 hrs)
  • Current status: drafting paused after some early edits on the first draft
  • Current length: 233k words
  • ETA: Presumed between Autumn 2020 and Summer 2021

Book three:

  • Current title: Eternity’s end
  • Story preparation since Q1/2018
  • Early work began 29.5.2018
  • Current progress: early first draft complete (12/2018)
  • Current status: drafting paused after finishing the first draft
  • Current length: ~180k words
  • ETA: 2022-2023


I have rough idea how and where I want the story to go for the third, final book, meaning that I should be able to write it when everything before it is done, limited by my time. I believe #3 should safely make it in the original 10-year timeframe.

I also have an idea for a prequel and a few short stories happening at various times between #0,5 and #1. There might be a few more ideas, but they are far too distant at this point – no way I’d get to them before 2025 at least.