Project Eternity: Writing timeline

Here, I’ll share the original idea for my progress compared with the actual progress. After the demon, I presumed it would be a trilogy but at this point I am leaning towards split in four pieces.

Original plan and milestones:

  • First ideas: 2002
  • Serious thinking about it: Summer 2013
  • Writing demo: 21.7.2015 – 10.9.2015
  • Target first draft of book 1: 21.7.2017
  • Target beta of book 1: Late 2017
  • Target release of book 1: 21.8.2018
  • Target for complete story done: 21.7.2025

This plan is pretty much invalidated as of 10/2017. The need for major revisions of some parts of the story mean delays on the beginning. Completing it in 2025 is still doable, but first book is unlikely to come before late 2018, more like early 2019.

Actual milestones:

Book one:

  • Writing starts 7.10.2015
  • First draft: 26.11.2016 (Time spent writing: 308 hrs)
  • Alpha version: 24.5.2017 (Time spent writing: 440 hrs)
  • Current version: 0.3.5 – last pre-beta version

Book two:

  • Story preparation since Q3/2016
  • Early work began 5.2.2017


I am somewhere around 60-65% when i comes to how much of the story is decently through-through and could be actually written in case of me having the time. Rest is in varying stages of development from thoughts for some scenes to details in others. Apart from that, I have an idea for a prequel that might happen at some point later. I also have a separate short story that happens half-way before the prologue and the actual story which I might put somewhere around here when the book is closer to completing.