Project Eternity

Project Eternity is my working name for my current writing endeavour. It was created in times when I was still not sure about finishing it, let alone about the future title and since my first ideas trace as back as 2002, I thought this fitting kind of self-irony.

It was in summer 2013 and for quite strange reason I started to think seriously about the idea and saw all the numerous plot holes which I began to think about and seal them one by one, the story concept changing a few times in the process.

That was still far from actually writing it. That happened in 2015 after a strange talk with one of my fellow World of Warcraft players and it were his words that convinced me that there’s no hurt in trying.

And so I did. I decided to start with a demo somewhere in the middle of the story, scene that I had imagined several times. I only planned to write one-chapter demo, but it get out of hand and after a month, what was originally to be a small trial had grown into almost 30.000 words (45 A4 pages in MS Word default formatting).

After taking a break for evaluation, I decided that I would start actually writing the story. If for no other reason, then because even writing the demo was great fun as indicated by the sheer size.

Long story short, it got quite out of hand and by the end of 2016, I had the first draft of first “episode” finished, word count at 240.000 words.

Now, my hopes are that in summer 2018 the first book will be finished. As for the whole story? The working name Project Eternity might be quite fitting because it will take at least three books and several years to complete. That is if social anxiety does not make me stop, or at least run away in fear from publishing it.