My “real” gaming history started in times when WarCraft 3 was the big thing and and the original DEfense of the Ancients map was played massively, either thought or through various virtual network tools like Hamachi which often led to series of cursing on Skype that we can’t see a game room created by someone for whatever strange reason.

For some time, I also played League of Legends but due to unfriendly attitude to casual players like me I soon started playing only vs. AI and at some point probably in summer 2011 I stopped playing completely even though I did not uninstall the game until I had to do complete reinstall of my OS.

Since 8/2010 I play World of Warcraft on DarkmoonFaire EU server where I am active casual raider doing occasional raid videos. I’ve been raiding at various intensity through the time but currently I only raid with one raid team regularly.

Guild info at

I also play other Blizzard games – Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm (which so far seems to have friendlier attitude than LoL) and Hearthstone. In past, I also played the on-line FPS Warface, but after reinstalling my OS when my graphic card gave out in late 2015 I did not reinstall it.

As for smaller things, I was once playing tabletop games (mostly chess) on-line as well as the browser game Travian.