Book one: taste of combat

A sample from chapter 5, shortly after Tyr’eshal’s initiation. Beta content, subject to change.

Previous sample – prologue.

A scene where Kraasian’s son, Tyr’eshal, first gets into combat – and gets to use the advantages of being a warrior with some magical talent. This scene is a sample of combat sequence, chosen for the absence of potential spoilers.

Last update: November 2019.

Disclaimer: What you are reading is beta-stage content and subject to change. Typos and other small issues might be present – and will be fixed in future drafts.

Some two weeks later [after the initiation and enlisting], when Tyr’eshal was on his tour of duty around Darkpine, he felt as if something urged him to walk faster. He did so and, when he reached the next path he was to check, he believed he felt faint footsteps in the distance. They were getting louder – and thus closer – at a pace that suggested the person was close to running than walking. Soon, Tyr’eshal saw a figure appear behind the distant bend in the path. It wore a villager’s clothes and carried a small pouch. Tyr’eshal, not sure what to do – and why it felt like something warned him – hid behind one of the trees. This villager doesn’t look dangerous… another test?

When the villager got closer to one of the larger trees, a hooded figure stepped in his way.

“Halt,” the masked figure said, pulling out a curved knife. “What is in the pouch?”

The villager was visibly terrified. “Nothing much, just some seeds.”

Tyr’eshal believed he understood now. It was another test – but not what he expected. The villager was not the danger; the villager was in danger.

The ambusher’s frown was barely noticeable as the cowl and mask only revealed its eyes and brows. “No money?” The shocked farmer did not speak, his terrified expression being all he could do. “No money?” the rogue repeated his question, louder this time but still without an answer.

At this point, Tyr’eshal stepped from his cover, sword and shield ready, just a few meters behind them. “You won’t need his answer.”

The farmer’s relief was short-lived. Seeing a guard in armor, the thief quickly grabbed the villager and put his knife to his throat. “Drop the sword, now!” the rogue yelled.

“Let him go, you can’t run away from me,” Tyr’eshal said.

“A boy wearing heavy armor saying he can chase me and keep up? I think you are bluffing. Drop the sword or he dies!”

If that’s how he wants it… Instead of just dropping his sword and shield on the path, he threw them into the shrubs to make sure they are out of reach if the thief had the idea of stealing those as well. Then, Tyr’eshal raised his hands for him to see they are empty.

“Now turn around and walk away,” the rogue said.

“I don’t think I can do that,” Tyr’eshal said calmly.


Tyr’eshal reached for the magic around and, with a gentle tug this time, cast the teleportation spell. With a bright flash, he appeared right behind the thief. He twisted the thief’s wrist, forcing him to drop the knife. As it hit the ground, he pushed the villager forward with his other hand, sending him hurtling out of the thief’s reach. The pouch fell from the villager’s hand. Tyr’eshal threw the surprised rogue against one of the trees, knocking him out.

He helped the shocked villager to his feet. “I am sorry for throwing you down like this, I wanted to be sure he can’t reach you anymore.

The villager looked around a bit, then brushed the dirt from his clothes. Tyr’eshal saw the lingering shock but he knew the man would be safe now. “Thank you, I don’t know what I would do if you were not here.”

Tyr’eshal picked up the villager’s pouch and held his hand above it. Feeling no kind of magic, he opened the pouch.

“What I told him was true. Flower seeds,” the villager said.

Tyr’eshal returned the pouch. “You are free to go. But I will need you to visit the guardhouse soon so they can make a report.”

The villager eyed the man who ambushed him. “What about him?”

“I will take care of him; you can be sure he’ll sleep in a cell tonight.” The thief began to stir. “You should go,” Tyr’eshal urged him. The villager nodded and hurried away while Tyr’eshal hastily picked up his sword and shield. Before the thief could fully get back to his senses, Tyr’eshal dragged him down the road to Darkpine.