Book one sample: family matters

A sample from midway through the first book.

Context: Kraasian and Ellisia are parents of Tyr’eshal. Tyr’eshal had some idea to help their efforts and consulted them secretly with Calyssa and Eranael. Half a year since Tyr’eshal first talks with Calyssa about these ideas, Ereanel visits Kraasian to talk about their next plans, inspired by Tyr’eshal’s ideas, only to see Tyr’eshal told Kraasian nothing.

Last update: September 2019.

Warning: excerpt may contain minor spoilers.

Disclaimer: What you are reading is beta-stage content and subject to change. Typos and other small issues might be present – and will be fixed in future drafts.

“Tyr’eshal, I am glad to see you have ideas that will help our goals. However, I’m disappointed you’ve told me nothing, for half a year,” Kraasian said.

“Father, I-” Tyr’eshal paused. He was not sure what to say and stood silent for a while as he was choosing his next words. “I know it was a bad idea to keep it to myself. I was not sure what and how to tell you. I did not want to give you false hope when I had nothing more than ideas and you were busy with your own thoughts about how to go on.”

“My thoughts about how to go on? You know well enough I had no idea! Had you told me, maybe we could’ve done something sooner.”

Despite knowing well that his father would not hurt him, Tyr’eshal struggled not to flinch or back away. “I regretted it ever since I rode to talk with Calyssa. I did not want to give you false hope or cause you to overact on what was nothing more than an untested idea,” Tyr’eshal said. He stood there a few seconds, silent, struggling to find words that did not come. “I am really sorry,” he said, walking away with his head down.

“Can you believe how much he kept from us?” Kraasian asked Ellisia.

“Sometimes you have only two bad possibilities to choose from, you should know that well enough,” Ellisia reacted.

“Telling me would be a bad choice? How can you say that? You know I would always hear him out.”

“In this case, that’s exactly what could’ve been the problem. You were far too consumed in your desire to fight. A spark of his idea could start a wildfire. This time, it would not be just the demons’ blood that would be spilled but yours as well,” Ellisia reacted. “You taught him well and Tyr’eshal understood that if he gave you a reason to rush this, it would’ve ended badly. Not telling you was the lesser of two evils.”

“I don’t like it but I understand your reasoning,” Kraasian said. “Still, I’d like to believe he trusts me enough to share his ideas with me.”

“You’re a good warrior, my dear, but not always as good when it comes to being a supportive person. What you told him when he was shaken from his first real kill was a good example.”

“I told him that he was in his right,” Kraasian barked out.

“You gave him a justification when he needed support,” Ellisia said. “There is a big difference in that, more so for someone so young. You were two centuries old when you first killed in such a situation. He’s barely over two decades.”

“His life won’t get easier with time.”

“There are enough expectations on him for being a Darkwood, more so for being a paladin,” Ellisia said. “We should try to help him deal with these hard times. None of us went through it alone – and neither should he.”