Book one sample: hope

A sample form an unspecified point in the first book.

Last update: August 2019.

Disclaimer: What you are reading is beta-stage content and subject to change. Typos and other small issues might be present – and will be fixed in future drafts.

Tyr’eshal found Kraasian outside, the table covered with maps, notes and various tools he used to measure distances. “Trying to plan something against the demons?” he asked.

“And still no closer. Ereanel seems to be right so far. We have no way to deal enough damage to make it worth the trip.” Kraasian frowned. Being unable to act made him frustrated. “Ereanel could hurl fireballs at the spire for hours and it would not be enough to seriously damage it. We must be missing something.”

“Well, I think you should try asking Calyssa. I’d say she could set a whole town ablaze in no time.”

“Our magi are good at destroying living enemies or the undead. Few use magic to destroy solid objects. I don’t even know if such spells are documented. We might need something else.”

Tyr’eshal was thinking as well. “You once told me a story about helping dwarves with something. Maybe some explosives they use for mining could work,” he suggested.

“They could, if we did not have to haul them for days and time them with extreme precision so it does not bury us in the ruins. The reason I’d like to find a magical way is that we could detonate it from a safe distance,” Kraasian explained. “Distract them, blow up the base, and clear out before they manage to fight back.”

“I thought you wanted to fight them,” Tyr’eshal pointed out what Kraasian hinted the last time.

“Of course I’d damn want to fight them!” The table creaked as Kraasian smashed it, cursing. He took a deep breath, calming down slightly. “We need to get the army’s support if we are to do significant damage to them. To persuade them it’s possible, we need to prove the demonic bases can be destroyed, or at least damaged. We must find a way to do exactly that and test it ourselves before we go asking the army for help. It will not matter if we kill ten or ten thousand demons as long as we prove there is a way to destroy their bases. That should be our main priority now.”

“I understand,” Tyr’eshal said. “Based on what I know, most spells used in battle are created to damage soft tissues. Masonry is something completely different when it comes to durability. Setting a building made of stone on fire is extremely exhausting. We need to find a spell that causes a powerful localized explosion. If we used it at the weak spots of any structure, a few of these would be enough.”

“That might work,” Kraasian admitted.

“At least we now know what we’re looking for. Now we need to find a way to do that.”

“Which might take some time.”

“Father, if we found a way, do you think we could end this war?” Tyr’eshal asked.

“I don’t know,” Kraasian admitted. “Considering the distances, the further we go, the harder it would be. Once they see through our tactics, they’ll be better prepared. It’s impossible to say what might happen. We might need to change our tactics every single year.”

Tyr’eshal nodded and moved towards the armory, picking up weapons for training. Despite the unspecific answer, he felt hope. Should they become more active, no one would want to stop their efforts. The Eternal Defenders would adapt to the new challenges, whatever they would be. Maybe, there was a way to bring the fight to the demons. Maybe, the Eternal Defenders would finally find a way to fight for the world actively, not defensively.